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Recently we were contact by a business owner in Lansing who was working on a commercial remodeling project. She was completely remodeling her store in Lansing and had purchased new poplar doors and trim for her remodeling project. The problem that she had was that her painter wasn’t able to stain her new poplar trim and doors to the color that she was wanting.

If you have every done any staining of poplar wood then you will know that although it is very affordable to purchase it most of the times comes with varying shades green, black, and white wood grain all on one piece of trim. This makes it very difficult to get a consistent color without the green and black wood grain bleeding through. Getting a consistent uniform color with wood trim like poplar is not difficult, but you have to know what products and steps to take in order to mute out the undesired wood colors.

For this remodeling project we developed a 3 step process that allowed us to mute out the undesirable colors, and then stain the trim to the desired Cherry color that the store owner was looking for. We then applied several coats of a high quality lacquer to give all of the trim a high quality furniture finish.

If you are thinking of starting a commercial remodeling project in the Lansing or Chicago area or are just looking for a contractor that can do high quality trim staining, then give us a call. We will work with you on your next commercial remodeling project to not only finish it on time, but under budget as well.

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You can see from the picture above an unfinished piece of trim next to several pieces of trim that have the first of 3 different steps applied to it in order to get a consistent cherry look to all of the trim.

Below is what all of the finished trim for this commercial remodeling project in Lansing looked like once everything was finished.
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